Automatic Sensor Door

Automatic Sensor Sliding Door

If you think that automatic sliding doors stop at department stores or at the entrances to beautiful buildings of large companies, think again! Automatic sensor doors are becoming popular and have now joined our interiors to make our lives easier. They make it easy to enter and exit public places. But now, clients are also interested in installing automatic door variants in residential spaces also. This enables guest to simply wave their hands and easily pass through without having to worry about to enter their respective places. Since their inception in the late 1950s automatic sensor doors have become a space saver. It has won hearts of clients all over the world. The range of products that are being automated doesn’t end here. If you want to improve your daily life, let yourself be tempted by these innovative automatic sensor doors which will open at the push of a button, with a remote control or thanks to a presence detector. Now, take the right decision of enjoying the most comfortable life with us.

Automatic Sliding Door Advantages

Since they operate without any manual intervention, they are installed in almost all places. Customers with baggage in both the hands also benefit from automatic sliding doors. Companies and establishments who are expecting a huge customer density are our main customers. Our products fit in the smallest and largest spaces, thanks to wide assortment of designs. Now, it has become a practice to install automatic sliding doors in residential areas also. Apart from other benefits, sliding doors also provide enough natural light in rooms. This is a great advantage compared to solid doors. The automatic doors can easily be fitted in areas where there is tight space for door opening. Another advantage of sliding door is that they don’t contain projected parts. These parts like an open door’s end can cause injuries to children. Installation of the automatic doors with sensor controls is pretty easy. They are done by reliable hands with vast experience.

Handsfree controls: - Automatic Sliding Doors

Clients enjoy the smooth finish and our precise engineering. An example where automatic sliding doors would be best used is hotels. A large number of customers visit hotels on a daily basis. They come with children or with bags in their hands. Our sensor mounted doors operate with ease and allow smooth entry and exit of passengers. Barriers of age and physical disabilities are dealt with easily with the modern sensor-controlled doors. The scope of installation of automatic doors is endless. They are used in toilers, officers and coffee shops. Almost all industrial pass ways and commercial establishments have their doors replaced with sensor installed ones. Fit it and forget it mode of installation ensures better control and less maintenance. Further, there is an ever-growing concern of medical emergency situations. During this scenario, the position of sensor-based mechanisms plays an important role. They offer research establishments, medical organizations etc. another layer of security.

Safety and Reliability Parameters of Automatic Sliding Doors

However, hygiene is only one of the factors that make clients opt for auto doors. Safety, reliability and cost effectiveness are other concerns for users. In addition to that, hygiene also plays an important role in the present medical emergency condition. Of the two variants, the low energy doors are extremely simple in design and price. Persons with disabilities can access pathways where low energy doors are installed. They are also known as handicapped accessible doorways. Then there is the high energy variant which operates with the help of sensors. Their speed and movement determine the power used. Automatic sensor doors are equipped with state-of-the-art safety standards. Since they operate on sensors, it is of paramount importance that security shall in no way be affected. Our experienced engineers have done years of research to ensure that products delivered are exotic and safe. The automatic sliding door is extremely practical to use, for example when you have your arms loaded to enter or leave a kitchen, to avoid getting out of the car in the case of a garage, for a person with reduced mobility, or as part of a business.

A paradise for clients: - Automatic Sliding Door Installations

A host of tailor-made features await you in our online showroom. If security personnel are deployed, then they can be assigned to operate the doors remotely. This also helps in denying visit at certain times without much verbal interaction. Our automatic sliding doors also have lock mechanism. This is an aid to prevent unforeseen attempts of theft. The locking mechanism provides unparalleled safety. Moreover, the design of systems developed by us has a pleasant feel enabling your customers to enjoy the experience. Our site engineers will visit your construction site to ensure that minimal space is required to be reserved for installation. Different classifications of doors are available for clients. These include swing doors that move to and from when activated via sensors. There are the common sliding doors also available for classic appearance. The sensors are factory fitted and can sense even the slightest movements. They offer free passage for customers. The system comprises of advanced drive train mechanics and state of the art sensing devices to offer full control.

Automatic Sliding Door Installations

Clients need not think further on the technological part since we have a team of industry best engineers. Another main advantage of sliding door is the power factor. They are built in such a way as to consume least energy. Automatic sliding doors are energy efficient. By consuming almost the energy required for a low power door, our automatic variants offer excellent service at minimal costs. The initial payment that is made for installation of automatic sliding doors will be worth it. It will be a payment worth making from day one of installation. Also, the sliding range enables customers to move in and out without much hassle. By opening completely without clearance, unlike a classic hinged door, it does not encroach on the useful volume of a room and completely frees the passage. Now, take the right decision of enjoying the most comfortable life with us. Our expert technicians are available round the clock at service. Their knowledge and analyzing capability will offer peace of mind for clients. You will have a great time enjoying automatic sliding doors after a days tiring work.