Automatic Roll-up Curtain

Automatic Roll-up Curtain

The Automatic Roll-up Curtain will replace or complete a curtain in front of the window. More modern in style than curtains, the Automatic Roll-up Curtain can stand on its own. Simple white, colored, pleated or with cells, the Automatic Roll-up Curtain will be discreet or decorative according to your desires. The dimensions of our Automatic Roll-up Curtain can easily be adapted to fit most windows. Automatic Roll-up Curtain have a very practical side. Invisible when raised, they sift or completely obscure the light when lowered (at the height of your choice). Of course, you can complete Automatic Roll-up Curtain with curtains to isolate yourself even more from light or view. Why not match your Automatic Roll-up Curtain with the bedspread or carpet in your bedroom, for a harmonious decor? Too easy to live with thanks to its integrated motor! This Automatic Roll-up Curtain is the solution for the solar protection of your large windows. With a click on the remote control, the electric awning unfolds and stops at the desired height. There is also a chain version. Screening or blackout depending on the fabric chosen, you filter the light on demand and protect yourself from the sun's rays. An awning simple to install and modern. We have products from world-class manufacturers. Here are the other Automatic Roll-up Curtain in the same fabric range: Optima S (small windows) and Optima XL (very large windows).


Extravagance within budget: - Automatic Roll-up Curtain

Roll up curtains were the glamour of early 20th century. It suited the building style of earlier generations. They were revamped several times and blended with various parameters to provide exotic appearance. Now, window treatments have been taken to a new level of blending. This involves the addition of automated systems for rolling them up. Yes, automatic roll-up curtains are the future of lavishness. Upon a single click of the remote, the automatic roll-up curtains open and close. The definition of Smart Home is never complete without a pair of these curtain sets. Just like smart lighting, window shades have also been economical and thus favorites among residential users also. They are convenient to install and takes up very little space. The motor and control units can be concealed within the curtain setup. Also, parents can have a great time and leave their kids back at home without the fear off being strangulated. Our new automatic roll-up curtains doesn’t have any pulling strings or left overs for accidents.

Elegant interiors: - Automatic Roll-up Curtain

Elegance, control and precision are what our shades offer for you. They can be easily customized and prepared to match your house. The shades are available in several tones to match your interiors. The wow factor is not lost since our engineers have stuffed every minute touch to boost your mood. We also offer customized venetian blinds and sliding curtains as well. That is not all, all of these have automatic systems that activate upon user interaction/click of a button. Simple decorations and modern artistic designs are available for users to select from. Another interesting point to note is that automatic roll-up curtains can be used to control lighting in your living room. The motor mechanisms are robust but elegantly packed. Installation as well as maintenance of the said systems is as easy as moving through the breeze. On an efficiency note, automatic roll-up curtains cannot be matched by the conventional competitors. The former offers a fit and forget scheme for users while the latter requires attention all the time. Privacy and security are other two areas where automatic blinds or shades overwhelm their conventional counterparts.

Automatic Roll-up Curtain: - The future of curtains

Motorized shading has been an ever-evolving area. It has enough rich features compared to normal roll up curtains. They are economical and offer silent operation. Your guests will adore the way it functions. Sensor activated controls ensure that the control unit rolls up the curtains while sunlight hits them. They retract up allowing enough sunlight into your living room. Another notable feature that is an advantage is that it lodges less space. More area is available for your commercial establishment. Maintenance requirement of manually movable curtains is well known. Apart from washing them to maintain their shape and texture, they require constant attention. Automatic Roll-up Curtains are sleek and elegant. Sensor based automatic roll-up curtains have been extremely successful. They are easy to maintain and last for a life time if used with care.

Motorized curtains for residential purposes

Motorized shades are always safer than manual ones. The reason is that pets and kids are easily attracted by hanging strings and petals. This can in turn cause damage to the leaves or swing mechanism. Further, more damage to personal life is caused due to strangulation from the left-over chord. Automatic shades provide utmost safety by leaving a clean surface with no left overs. Installation of our automatic roll-up curtains is also pretty simple. We provide proper guidance so that you can easily install the same with less expertise. We also offer many color variants for the artist in you. It is up to users to decide on a design and we shall arrange the appropriate shades for you. Our service is not limited to installation of curtains alone. We also provide service to pre-installed curtains as well. However, our satisfied clients rarely contact us for further assistance with installation.

Automatic Roll-up Curtain advantages

Our service includes sale, service and installation of Automatic Roll-up Curtain. Please drop your interest via mail or contact our customer service personnel for more details. We offer exclusive products at jaw dropping rates. Our dedicated workforce strives to achieve productivity par excellence. We are interested in providing rapid development to our customers who are loyal and have always supported us. Even though we guarantee on our wide assortment of goods, we rarely receive any complaints about them. ExpertAutomationBD has been in the filed for so long that every new technical advancement is well dealt with at our factory. Your satisfaction is our reward and our testimonials speak for us. We don’t want advertisements to speak for us, instead our vast clientele and testimonials will showcase our expertise in front of you.